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Email Marketing

    Email Count Rate of Emails INR
    1,00,000 4.0 Paisa Rs.4000
    2,00,000 3.0 Paisa Rs.6000
    5,00,000 2.0 Paisa Rs.10000
    10,00,000 1.5 Paisa Rs.15000
    1 Cr / Month Rs.50000

 * Taxes are Extra 18%

Special Features of Email Sending Services :-

  • Easy web interface to write and send messages.
  • Manage Group with Import and Export.
  • Send Messages with schedule facility.
  • Trace your messages to see how many users opened your email.
  • Statistics with facility of viewed by messages and Url
  • Html email messages.
  • WYSIWYG Html editor facility to create your messages.
  • Attachments uploaded facility with maximum 100kb attachment.
  • Mailer uploaded on server with max.256kb
  • Validity: 3 month.

What is Email Marketing or Send Bulk Emails Services :-

Free email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. can allow you to send maximum 500 email in 24 hours. If you want to send more email in a day like 5000 or 10000, you need to use email marketing services for Mass mailing.

How does Bulk Email Marketing or Mass Mailing Works :-
There are Two ways of Doing Email marketing or Mass mailing.

  • Send email per count base
  • Send emails by Smtp hosting server

How to do an email marketing campaign :-

  • Online email marketing web base application
  • Software for Bulk email sending

For doing both types of email campaigns you need your own smtp hosting server setup.

How to use email marketing to grow your business :-

  • Choose Best Email Address with Lowest bounce ratio
  • Correct Subject for High open ration
  • Appropriate Content and Photos for easy understanding
  • Bounce back email setup for email clearing
  • Links like Reply and contact information for communication
  • Cron Job setup

How Mass Mailing works :-

We are in electronic business mail sending software, by using bulk email software system your mails will go automatically one by one to the recipient, since this is a personalized mailing system it gives better response. You can use our bulk email sending control panel web base application to send your work or products details, newsletters, greetings, special announcements, and many to your secure email database client or our database list.

How emails are sent from bulk email sending software program :-
With our email sending software system program your mails will go individually to the recipient with email list created by you. It will not go using CC or BCC method, so user will feel that its specially sent to him/her it is 100% personalized and hence it gives better open rate ratio and hence you will get successful email campaigns.

Easy way to send mass emails :-
If u are first time user and looking for creating a bulk email marketing and campaign, we have a very user friendly software. You can start sending mails just in 3 simple steps.

    • Upload Email list
    • Create email Matter or Template
    • Select email List and Template and Click on Send to Start

Email marketing in India. Contact us for Email marketing in India. we are best and top bulk mass email mailing campaign management services provider companies in india

Email Marketing in India. Kenils offers result oriented Email Marketing in India. Contact us for Email marketing in India. we are best and top bulk mass email mailing campaign management services provider companies in india. Inquire us at biz@kenils.co