Russia Business Data List

Russia opens its arms for foreign traders ..

Russia, one of the prior super powers of the world continues to be a powerful commercial ground for world trade. Rich in fossil fuels and natural resources, the country has a steadily developing economy. Moreover, their perpetual drift from the long practised central economy serves as a telltale for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Private trading and international investments strike an increase in the national income and this has motivated them to open the arena for more foreign trade.

An increase in the number of foreign industries has led to a remarkable increase in the number of companies offering B2B services. They are instrumental in attracting the attention of native executives to the products and services offered by small and medium industries.


We facilitate the new businesses by providing them with a detailed list of contact details such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses of prospective clients. The list is prepared with the notion of obtaining a positive response in order to benefit both the parties involved in the trade. These databases are extremely reliable as they are updated periodically in the best interests of our clients. Moreover, all these come to you at considerable prices. Contact us for further information regarding our services.

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