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Student List

Are you searching to buy students database ? Kenils is students database providers in india with mobile and email id list. Do you need student database details in excel format ? We can help you with students database sample free download.

As an Indian www.students database vendor, we cover all category like college students, engineering students, medical students, management students, degree students , university students, final year students, graduate students, hsc students, mba students, plus two students, etc.

2018 Details. Count
Maharashtra 10th 2018-19 (NTSE) 80720
Karnataka 10th Std CBSE 2018-19 51945
Karnataka 10th Std 2018-19 837995
Telangana 10th Std CBSE 2018-19 25902
Mumbai university passout 2018 (bcom bba) 1.0 L
Delhi 10th Std 2018-19 28593
Hyderabad 12th Science 2018-19
Hyderabad – MPC 25324
Hyderabad – BiPc 2477
Sept MAT 2018 2620
Odisha 12th Std Science 2018-19 84206
Karnataka 12th Std 2018-19
Hyderabad 12th Science 2018-19
Delhi 10th Std 2018-19 28593
Andhra Pradesh 10th 2018-19 9427
Andhra Pradesh 12th(Narayana) 2018-19 BIPC 4521
Andhra Pradesh 12th(Narayana) 2018-19 MPC 39165
Karnataka Science 12th (PUC) 2018-19 198086
Delhi CBSE 12th Std 2018-19 278516
ATMA 2018 (Aug 5) 3458
Karnataka Diploma CET 2018 23737
KMAT 2018 7159
Telangana Final Year B.Tech 2018 – 19 80306
Andhra Pradesh Final Year B.Tech 2018 – 19 141381
Maharashtra 12th Science 2018-19 79006
Madhya Pradesh 12th Std (Applicants) 2018-19 193957
Karnataka 12th Std (Applicants) 2018-19
Bangalore 115330
Other Districts 613057
Bihar 12th Std (Applicants) 2018-19 988021
Tamil Nadu 12th (Applicants) 2018 – 19 897910
I P University (Delhi) BJMC (2018) Entrance Exam 5195
Karnataka 12th Std Supplementary (2018) Applicants
Bangalore ICSE / CBSE / State School (2017-18 Batch)
7th Std 23612
8th Std 23410
9th Std 21536
10th Std 34123
ATMA Entrance – 25th 4336
Bangalore Final Year Graduation (2018 Passed)
B.Com 37558
B.Sc 5048
BBM 7757
Arts 10938
Karnataka PGCET 2018
Telangana 12th Non MPC & BPC 2017 – 18 83547
Punjab 12th Science CBSE 2017 – 18 54074
NEET UG Applicants 2018
Karnataka 48922
Tamil Nadu 98066
Kerala 10119
Andhra Pradesh 15119
Telangana 9679
Andhra Pradesh Medical EAMCET 33529
UP Polytechnic 112000
IP BCA Entrance rank 1 to 6k 6000
Comed-K 2018
Lucknow University 2017-18 10412
CCS University (Meerut) Final Year 2017-18
B-Com 10677
BBA 3142
B-SC 6323
BCA 2985
ARTS 33356
IP BCA entrance 2018 rank 1 to 6k 6000
Telangana Polycet 2018 132375
Telangana 10th (SSC) 2017-18 483046
NEET PG 2018 70259
Telangana EAMCET 2018 98282
Gujarat 12th Science Group B (PCB) 72,720
Gujarat 12th Science Group A (PCM) 70130
IP B.ed entrance 2018 5600
IP Bba Entrance Exam 2018 10054
IP Mba Entrance Exam 2018 5731
IP Btech Entrance from rank 15k to 40k 20000
IP MCA Entrance 2018 from rank 1 to 2k 2010
Common Law Admission Test CLAT 47480
Andhra Pradesh ECET 25719
I.P. University MBA (Delhi) Final Year 5371
I.P. University BBA (Delhi) Final Year 10054
Assam 10th Std 32798
S.K University (Anantapur) Final Year 15836
Andhra Pradesh ICET 2018 45037
Telangana 12th MPC 2017 18 61145
Telangana 12th BPC 2017 18 47090
Vikram University Final Year SCIENCE (Ujjain, MP) 9232
Vikram University Final Year COMMERCE (Ujjain, MP) 7865
Vikram University Final Year ARTS (Ujjain, MP) 11356
Punjab student 10+2 -2018 3.20 L
Gujarat 12th Non Science 2017 – 18 54887
Delhi 12th 2017 – 18 95705
May 2018 MAT (File 2) – Above 60% 3000
May MAT 2018 – File 1 (Upto 60% Score) 3000
Bihar 12th Std 2017 – 18 Batch
Science (MATHS) 219420
Science (NON MATHS) 164457
Commerce 42674
Arts 293955
Andhra Pradesh Engineering EAMCET 2018 126197
Bihar 12th Science 2017-18 92582
Karnataka 12th Science 2017-18 209017
kerala 12th 2017-18 44227
TN 10th 2017-18 631082
TN CBSE 12th 2017-18 13845
delhi neet pg 2700
kerala neet pg 10000
west bengal neet pg 10000
MH 10th Student 63000
Delhi 12th biology 11835
DAVV University Indore-MP Final Year 2017-18
B.SC & BCA 9654
B.COM & BBA 12606
ARTS 7422
Maharashtra 12th Science 2017-18
Mumbia 97000
Pune 10000
Other 6000
Telangana-Hyderabad 10th 2017-18 Batch 31068
Himachal Pradesh 12th 2017-18 (Applicants)
with mobile 65801
without mobile 55900
Neet UG Not Quali 2017(market file) 2.0 L
Neet UG Quali 2017 2.96 L
AP Telangana Narayana
School 10th Std
hyderabad 10895
rest other 4550
12th Batch Students State
Tamil Nadu 12th 8.91 L
Karnataka 12th 4.67 L
Kerala 12th 45000
Andhra 12th 75000
Bihar 12th Biology 92000
Odisha 12th Biology 74825
Odisha 12th Art 206002
Odisha 12th Commerce 26189
12th Data with Address Bilogy
Chenni 11055
Kanchipuram 14762
Tiruvallur 13429
12th Data with Address
Chenni 52495
Kanchipuram 49133
Tiruvallur 45993
Not Qualified PG Neet 2017 52102
Qualified PG Neet 2017 63817
CBSE Tamilnadu 14559
Odisha Science 12th 79511
Feb Mat (other) 30150
XAT 2018 60752
Kerala +2 40k
Kerala degree 20k
Under Graduates Students (old) (market) 8.0 L
Tamil Nadu Engineering B.E & B.Tech-2018 108873
Tamil Nadu-12th 2017-18 516123
Science Batch
Tamil Nadu-12th 2017-18 264799
Commerce Batch
TN Biology 12th Students 337860
TN Com Sci 12th Students 257756
TN All 12th Students 891050
Engineering Coaching Institute 78236
Medical Coaching Institute 90181
Foundation 17022
10th 4292
11th 42496
12th 29004
Karnataka Class 12th Science 105000
Bangalore CBSE and ICSE 7500
Jaipur 10+11+12th class 20k
Telangana Narayana 12th(17-18) 31800
Andhra Narayana  12th(17-18) 45433
Karnataka 12th
121785 + 346044
Telangana Final Engin.(17-18) 77515
Andhra Final Engin.(17-18) 99993
CG Pass Out 17-18-19 75000
Engg Pass in 2018 GTU 50,000
2017 Details Count
Cat 2017 66321
September MAT 2017 3063
NMAT 2017 5036
Cpt / Ipcc 1.0 L
Karnataka PGCET 25066
Karnataka MAT 7593
Karnataka PUC 29808
IBPS new file 2016
DAVV UG Entrance 10162
DAVV PG Entrance 5883
IP Btech 20500
Bangalore Graduates 10K
Tamil Nadu Science 1.63 L
JEE (market file not reliable) 11.0 L
Neet (market file not reliable) 1138890
IP bcom 13000
IP law 8500
ATMA 5933
IP bjmc 3000
IP mba 2600
IP mca 2500
CLAT 36000
IP bba 15700
IP bca 6600
ip 2017 bba entrance
10k to 25k rank
Jee Students (MF) 2.16 L (1.4 L)
Gujarat B Group Biology 70K
May Mat 2950
Rajasthan CBSE 12th (16-17) 21382
Karnataka CET (Engi and Medi) 186754
Mumbai 12th Science (16-17) 58915
Nagpur 12th Science (16-17) 16074
Andhra Pradesh ICET 69777
Gujarat 12th Biology (16-17) 58073
Gujarat 12th Maths (16-17) 63490
Andhra Pradesh ECET 35249
Maharashtra NTSE 81503
AP Medical EAMCET 81078
AP Engineering EAMCET 198205
Medical Coaching Institute (16-17) 58248
Engineering Coaching Institute (16-17) 58209
Foundation Course Institute (upto 10) 25094
Maharashtra MBA CET 88227
Tamil Nadu 12th Std (16-17) 861392
Odisha 12th Science (16-17) 73062
Madhya Pradesh 10th Std (16-17) 269081
Punjab 12th Science Student 64353
Punjab 12th Commerce Student 41372
Punjab 12th Arts & Vocational Student 186779
Bihar 12th Biology 209998
Bihar 12th Non Biology 212554
Bihar 12th CBSE 39942
Bihar 10th Students 1047679
Jee Coaching 90000
Pg Neet 12400
Feb Mat 29371
Cmat 59181
DAVV Uni. Indore, Final Y Graduates BBA, B.COM, BHM 27074
DAVV Uni. Indore, Final Y Graduates – BCA – B.Sc 16342
DAVV Uni. Indore, Final Y Graduates- Arts 15911
Kerala Final Year Graduation (16-17) 27153
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Science – Medical) (16-17) 6041
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Science – Non Medical) (16-17) 11489
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Commerce) (16-17) 8273
Himachal Pradesh 12th (Arts) (16-17) 26622
Telangana 12th MPC-Narayana Institute 25521
Telangana 12th BPC-Narayana Institute 2725
 Andhra Pradesh 12th MPC-Narayana Institute 37352
 Andhra Pradesh -12th BPC-Narayana Institute 3964
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Non Comm. & Sci. 100590
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Commerce 48588
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Maths 64205
Madhya Pradesh 12th-Biology 74639
Madhya P. 12th 3.2 L
Madhya P. 10th 3.5 L
Karnataka 10th 7.5 L
2016 Details Count
Bangalore NTSE-10th 10000
Andhra Pradesh 12th BPC-Sri Chaitanya 16647
Andhra Pradesh 12th MPC-Sri Chaitanya 30323
Telagana-Hyderabad-12th BPC-Sri Chaitanya 16647
Telangana-Hyderabad-12th MPC-Sri Chaitanya 20583
CAT 21861
DEC. MAT – 2nd Set 2987
DEC. MAT 3000
DEC. MAT 26000
Karnataka 12th Students 113802
Students who have filled Application Forms 625854
Telangana Final Engineering 83998
Andhra Pradesh Final Engineering 108869
Sep MAT 2930
IBPS File (Post Office Probationary Candidates) 2458300
CLAT (Common Law Admission) 38000
BHU (Banaras Hindu Ayurveda ) 8500
Neet students database 93000
Neet 1 & 2 (Market Files)
5.35 L (Market Files)
Neet App. No. (Market Files)
11 L (Market Files)
AP / Telangana ICET students 66663
Bangalore Bcom graduates 10000
Bihar Jharkhand science Student 90000
Delhi ip bba Student 18000+655
Delhi ip bca Student 6500+197
Delhi ip bcom Student 14000+720
Delhi ip btec non qualified 7200
Delhi ip hotel managment 1870
Delhi law unqualified Student 724
Delhi ipu mba Student 6200+150
Delhi 10+2 Students 32000
UPTU  Students Database 1.60 L
Delhi B-tech ip univ. 48000
AP Medicine With rank 87705
AP-ICET  Students 66663
Telangana-ECET  Students 26602
Raipur CG 10+2 Student 28000
Himachal P. 12th Pass-out Students 52783
May Mat Database 2718
UP 12th Pass-out 660114
Gujarat B Group Science Students 66534
AP EAMCET Engineering Students 43456
Maharashtra 12th Science Students 48095
Mumbai 12th Commerce Students 54749
Tamil Nadu 12th Science Students 13608
Kerala 12th 2016 Students 44981
Orrisa 12th 2016 Students 72877
AP Polytechnic 132376
AIEEE / JEE Students 9.7 L
AIPMT Students Database 2.5 L
Odisha-CBSE Maths-Science 45-K
Kerala Engi., Archi., Medi. (KEAM) +2 1.2-L
Maharashtra MBA CET 74-K
AP & Telangana 12th MPC 85-K
Aipmt coaching institute 57K
Feb-mat 2800
Jee coaching institute 53-K
Punjab 10+2 2.4-L
MP-12th Students 4.5-L
XAT 2016 Students 56-K
Narayana inter mpc Students 24-K
Srichaitanya inter bipc Students 30-K
Karnataka 12th science Students 1.0-L
Karnataka 12th commerce 1.1-L
AP PG Medical Students 15-K
Karnataka 10th Students 6.0-L
2015 Details Count
BE Passout 35000
CAT dec student data 3000
CATstudents list 44715
Andhra & Telangana Final Year B.Tech 2,71,671
Andhra Pradesh EAMCET Medical 81009
Telangana Medical Eamcet 72795
Telangana Engineering Eamcet 90556
Amupmdc Student 35000
May Mat students 2792
Telangana Icet 69156
Andhra Pradesh ICET 78,264
Andhra Pradesh EAMCET Engineering 1,62,666
Andhra Pradesh 12th Standard MPC 1,85,600
Telangana 12th Standard MPC 1,46,459
Uptu (Uttar Pradesh) entrance for BTEC admissions 181000
Jee (Aieee) students list 11,60,000
MH mba cet students 57218
Xat students database 57906
Snap 30500
Atma 1600
Ahmedabad Gandhinagar12th students 3100
Feb MAT students 11600
IBSAT Students – 19700
FEB CMAT 19500
JEE (12th pcm students) 20100
Hyderabad 12th Intermediates 28000
Orissa Intermediates 12th 101750
Orissa Graduates 105000
Madhya Pradesh 12th 4.0 L
Himachal Pradesh Intermediates 60000
AIPMT Medical student 41000
Andhra Pradesh student 149034
Aipg Student 69000
2014 Details Count
CAT database 23000
CMAT September students 3800
Mat May students 3086
Private Medical and Dental Colleges, Maharashtra 39000
Kerala Student’s 3640
Mgm student’s entries 353
Chhattisgarh Engineering Students 30000
Rajasthan Intermediate 12th 62000
Andhra Pradesh Intermediate 12th 53000
Madhya Pradesh Intermediate 12th 490000
Punjab Intermediate 12th 235000
CAT Students 68000
Mht Cet Maharashtra 45000
WBJEE Engineering Entrance Exam 100000
Andhra Pradesh ICET 44455
Aipmt Student Database 285000
Gujarat Degree Diploma Students 27227
Gujarat diploma 64899
Orissa Final Year Graduates 57120
Uttar Pradesh Graduates Student 70000
MAT Students database 5000
12th student Delhi Ncr Schools 20000
Eamcet Student Engineering and Medical 260000
Medical student database 107000
RPET Students database 54000
Andhra Pradesh PGECET 30000
Andhra Pradesh B.Tech Final Year Graduates 200000

What is Student Database :-
Children studying and doing their education in school, colleges, institutes, university, etc. are called students. Their detail with mobile number, email address, parents, age, gender, school name, year of passing, city, state, courses, etc. is called Students Databases.

Types of Student Database :-
Education is a learning process. Every one want more education there by, there are many types of students data starting form class 10 young students to the profession people higher qualification courses providing institutes.

Categories of Education Database :- 

10+2 School Databases : This student database contain detail of mobile and email of student as well as parent. this student database are collected form different  exam where this student fill-up form for appearing in degree or diploma. this student data is useful for peoples who offer course benefit after +2 studies. this lead help to choose student, his carrier form many carrier fields. like local state board student data.

College Student Passout Databases :- This database is of those student who has passout their college exam or graduate, now they are in appearing or applied for any higher degree or management course. they database ae with mobile number and email id list. this student database is collected for different entrance exam that the students appear for passing for higher education. like,, d2d students, science stream, commerce stream, art stream, etc.

Graduate Passout Students Database :- This database is of student who has finish their college studies and applied for job or any other private course of extra degree. like,, m.arch, etc.

Management Education Database :- This database is of student who have giving exam of management appearing exam like for engineering study. this all database has detail of mobile number and email id’s. like upcmet, ecet, snap, uptu, pgcet

Engineering Aspirants Entrance Exam Education : This database of student who want to get entrance in engineering field are appeared for engineering text exam like mba, cat, mat, xat, cmat, bca, mca, cpt, cs, aieee, jee main and ug, etc

Medical Appearing Education Database : This database is of student tho want to get entrance in medical field and had given exam of medical entrance text. like neet, aipmt, etc.

Other Types of Student List is: mca Student Database, bcom student, bca student, cbse board student, university student database, icet students database, school student, 10th class student database, btech student, mtech student, cet student database, neet student, cat student, xat student, mat student database, cmat student, uptu student, aipmt student, neet student, local state board student database, ssc students database, icse students, puc students database, mtech students, m.arch students, pgcet students, atma students, snap students, ibsat students, kmat students, rmat students, upmcat student , etc

Why Choose US :-
We maintain our dignity providing the data for buy and sell of this student database. This is an important data for those who are providing education services like college, institution, which can be private or government. This data is very important as it is related to the future of student and their education, hence we provide this data to genuine persons who are only interested in the education field, and they do marketing services of bulk sms or mass email marketing. This provide help to choose student future carrier. We do not provide for general marketing of any products or services.

Cost and Price of Database :-
Rates of this database is depending on time. At early stage it’s cost price is high  as today there are many Educational Consultant and consultancy provider services company, who are looking for new updated and current years data as per exam given by indian students. Person who hurry and buy early can get more benefit of admission seats to fulfill. As admission time is over this data cost is available in low and less rates or even for Free.

Kenils is One of the Leading Top and Best Companies from India for Database Management Services.

Kenils is working since long for student databases.

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