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Tap the benefits of trading in Thailand ..

Are you looking to expand your business in a foreign country? Thailand could be the best bet with its economy growing leaps and bounds over the past decade. The Industrial revolution has transformed Thailand into an export-dependent company. This has increased the strength of B2B organizations, for, with good marketing campaigns, a trade would flourish on such grounds. Targeting the right audience is the key factor to attaining success with commerce in Thailand. There are several ways of introducing your products to the prospective consumers but the right technique would do the job for you.


We offer help with choosing the marketing tactics that would promote your business in Thailand. Choose customized mailing lists from our extensive databases to suit your business requirements. Our databases hold the most authentic and recent local data that are categorized based on several factors including the demographic classification to ease your job. When you are in a foreign land filled with opportunities to grow across a multitude of domains, all you want is an effective marketing campaign to showcase your products and services. Our mailing lists include contacts of top-notch executives across various fields such as IT, administration, purchasing, operations, retail, food processing and healthcare.

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